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Obliquely Productive 3.0.0

My app for overcoming creative blocks and beating down on procrastination has been updated for newer phones, including the 6 and 6+, running the most recent versions of iOS. The last update was a few years ago and given all the radical changes to the iPhone operating system I should probably be pleased that it’s functioned well all this time.

So, while the gremlins introduced by the latest version of iOS were a pain – and have disrupted some loyal users – the good thing is they forced my hand to do an update.

The well-regarded Obliquely Productive content remains the same, but there are new card backgrounds to choose from, better sharing options for Twitter as well as Facebook, and the process of adding your own custom Oblique Nuggets has been streamlined.

If you ever get creatively stuck, then Obliquely Productive might just help you out of a jam.



You may well discover all the features of the app simply through playful exploration. If you prefer, the guidance on this page may help you get the most from the app.

The next nugget

Place your finger on the card and slide it towards the left of the device. You will push the current card off to left and the next card will appear from the right.

Flip the card

Each nugget has more detail on the back of the card. To flip the card either tap on the ‘i’ button at the bottom right of the card or tap the card twice in quick succession.

You can flip a card back by tapping the card twice in quick succession.

Some cards have extra material. Tap on the word ‘Extra’ to reveal this.

A small number of cards also have essays. Tap on word ‘Essay’ to open up and read the essay.


Obliquely Productive lets you give feedback on the nuggets. The app will adjust how frequently it shows you nuggets based on your feedback.

To give feedback touch the action button. It’s on the bottom left of the iPhone / iPod touch and at the top left on the iPad.

Note: in normal use the bar at the bottom will make itself invisible. Just touch on the screen to bring the bar back.


If you like a nugget, why not share it with a pal? Use the standard action / share¬†button at the centre of the tool bar. If you don’t see the buttons on the toolbar, just tap on the screen and they will appear.